Below you will see certain relevant technical information about some of our products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Bolt Cutter Cutting Capacity

Bonding Instructions for Nuplabond

1. Using sandpaper briskly rub the inside of the eye-hole. Remove excess point and dirt until the walls of the eyehole are clean.

2. Apply a piece of duct tape or industrial masking tape over the outside end of the head.

3. Mix part A and B of the pre-measured epoxy adhesive in the tub provided or in some other small container. Pour all of the pre-measured mixed epoxy into eyehole.

4. Set head with tape down on floor with open end of eyehole up.

5. Slowly place handle into epoxy until the handle stops on the floor. Hold/prop handle upright and straight for 24 hours.

Replaceable Tip Specifications